Self-promotion Woes and More to Come

Hello, from Montreal!

Rooted in Chinatown by Yours Truly

No I’m not dead, but I did sort of fall off the planet for a bit. Social media hasn’t always been my strong point, since self-promotion still makes me embarrassed to this day (it’s a work in progress), and my summer ended up with me jetting off to parts of Asia I never thought I’d get to go to. Fun but exhausting.

Which means I’ve been neglecting this website-portfolio of mine and that it’s time to get back on it.

After Asia, I had about a couple of weeks rest before I flew off into Montreal, where I currently am now. The city’s been wonderful and I’ve gotten a lot of opportunities here. Balancing classes with two jobs is a bit much, but I’m surprisingly handling it.

I’ve been busy, and unfortunately, busy means priorities get jumbled around. Even though I’m loaded with assignments, procrastination never lets me down and shows me the brighter side of life, (subsequently burning me as well) but yes, the happier side until the word “deadline” pops up and all hell roasts me alive.


Been busy, but I blog for Champlain College’s Montreal page. Here’s my first post, where I’m, quite frankly, gushing about how much I love food and Chinatown. I hardly think I have time to post any long game rants or reviews. Instead I’ll probably take up micro-blogging and release more frequently, but with less in each one. It might be a bunch of IRL jumble and if the gamers want to bail on me, it’s cool.

If you decide to stick around for the ride, I’ll be eternally grateful.

“Say it in 20 words or less!”

Image result for saitama quote shorten it to 20 words or less
Manga/anime: One Punch Man

I’ll do more of these in the future. IRL, probably not too much game. Stick around for more to come.



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