The Internship Chronicles

This time it’s special, with dual blog posts. This one I’m especially proud of, because my college told me that every semester, students come up from the main campus in Vermont and compete for internships. It’s the dream to pave their way into the game industry and make names for themselves. Unfortunately, not everyone is accepted and most of the time you won’t hear something back. In my case, I’m one of the lucky students who did manage to make it, and ironically I ended up at an independent game studio called, Lucky Hammers.

In this post I wrote for them, I finally shed some light on the tough hand I was dealt ever since I came to the school. It wasn’t easy, and writing about it put some stress on my mind for fear of what to say, but I did it.

And it’s here for anyone who’s curious about the journey.

A semi-awkward selfie I had to take while trying not to disturb my coworkers.

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